We grow several different types of garlic. Whether you're after a zesty purple or a mild cooking garlic, we've got you covered. 

Italian Purple

Garlic group: Turban
Origin: Northern Italy
A bold and spicy flavour that lingers on the palate
Cooked: Rich yet mellow, musky and slightly sweet flavours with medium heat
Cooking: To draw out the sweeter tones, roast whole. Pairs well with chillies, tomatoes, onion, cream, olive oil, citrus, meats and seafood. 
Cloves: 8-12
Storage: 2-4 months



Garlic group: Marbled Purple Stripe
Origin: Kazakhstan
Moderate to strong heat, with strong, zesty flavours
Cooked: A mellow, nutty flavour that holds well in cooking
Cooking: A versatile garlic, delicious baked whole.
Cloves: 8-10
Storage: Up to 12 months

Unfortunately our Dunganski will not be available to purchase until next year


Garlic group: Turban
Origin: France
Rich and pungent
Cooked: A strong, deep, earthy flavour that holds well in cooking
Cooking: A versatile garlic, excellent for all uses. Used in French cuisine
Cloves: 8-15
Storage: 4-6 months

Monaro Purple

Garlic group: Turban
Origin: Snowy Mountains, Australia
Full flavoured and spicy
Cooked: A mild nutty and sweet flavour
Cooking: A versatile garlic perfect for everyday use.
Cloves: 10-11
Storage: 4-6 months


Garlic group: Artichoke
Origin: Australia
Medium heat with a sweet flavour
Cooked: A strong flavour with a complex finish
Cooking: Sautés beautifully producing a traditional garlic aroma.
Cloves: 7-12
Storage: Up to 12 months

Oriental Purple

Garlic group: Turban
Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Spicy and complex
Cooked: A strong flavour with a complex finish
Cooking: Often used in Asian cuisine, especially stir-fries. Pair with bold flavours such as chillies and ginger to bring out its heat. 
Cloves: 7-12
Storage: 6-8 months

Purple Turbans

A delicious assortment of some of our purple garlic varieties.

Braided Garlic

Get your garlic beautifully braided. Braided garlic not only looks great, but it also keeps the bulbs fresher longer due to better air circulation. Make a beautiful gift of the braided garlic with a cheerful Christmas tide ribbon.

Seed Garlic

Grow your own certified organic garlic! Contact us for availability at fredrik@rivertreeorganics.com.au

Rivertree's Beautiful hand-braided garlic